In coming up with my list of Top 10 School Anime, I realized I donít watch many school anime series or movies. But Iíve seen a few, so I thought I would post my list and then ask you to post your Top 10, or 5, or just your 2 or 3 favorites.

For this list, there has to be more than just school kids as characters. Either the school has to figure into the plot, or it provides the setting for the majority of the action. For that reason, I left off Your Lie in April, Your Name, or any other anime in which the school was secondary or a minor point.


10. I, Me, My, Strawberry Eggs. Newly graduated teacher Habiki applies for a job at an all girls school, but is rejected. Unable to pay his rent, to avoid eviction Habiki follows his landladyís advice, dresses like a woman, and gets that job. There are some tender moments and Habiki does help his students to grow. Also a lot of silliness.

9. My Hero Academia. Now showing on Cartoon Networkís Adult Swim Toonami, this series is just what it sounds like. A high school for future superheroes. Good concept, but it does get a bit silly at times. Notice how silly many of these school series tend to get? But who actually thinks school kids are serious?

8. Please! Teacher! Kei is 18, but looks 15 thanks to an illness which kept his body in a coma-like state for three years. He ends up secretly marrying his teacher Mizuho, who is actually an alien from another interplanetary civilization. Anyway, not for kids. The uncut version contains nudity, and a silhouette of one of Keiís female classmates and a male teacher in the missionary position Ė and no, this is not a religious anime.

7. Kill la Kill. Satsuki rules her high school like a dictator. The Ryuko shows up with half a scissors looking to avenge her fatherís murder. Itís all an excuse to get everyone naked in the end. It turns out this is what I call a dumb, but fun anime. But watch it for Mako.

Yeah, not for little kids.

6. Mouse. Hereís something different. A school anime which focuses on a teacher and not a student. By day, Sorata is a mousey assistant art teacher at an all girls school, henpecked by senior factulty members Kakio, Yaoyi, and Mei. But by night he becomes that daring, fearless master-thief Mouse. And Kakio, Yaoyi, and Mei become his obedient harem. The school? It was founded to serve as a front for the long line of family thieves called Mouse. Not for kids.

5. Kakegurui. This one takes place in an exclusive school for upper crust kids, where everyone gambles. In comes the new girl, Yameko, who even when she loses is always the one in control. Things will never be the same.

4. Kill Me Baby. Yasuna wants to become best friends with her classmate Sonya, who is a professional assassin. Dumb, but fun.

3. Cromartie High School. Takashi is a good student, well behaved and respectful of others. Through some accident, he is sent to a school for juvenile delinquents, where he become head of one of the gangs. The other heads are a robot, a gorilla, and Freddy Mercury. After that, it gets strange. Good dumb, but fun though.

2. Silver Spoon. Finally a dose of realism. Sort of. Yuugo is a high school student from the city who is trying to find himself. So he chooses to go to a high school which concentrates on the agricultural sciences. After the cultural shock, Yuugo fits right in and learns about the hopes and disappointments of his schoolmates.

1. Ouran High School Host Club. What this anime really needs is a second season. Haruhi agrees to work off a debt incurred in the breaking of a valuable vase. This leads her to close friendships with the host club members, especially the club president Tamaki Ė especially after discovering the small breasted Haruhi is actually a girl.

Actually, I donít quite remember this scene.

Anyway, post your own with comments.