OK, so we have Manji, an expert swordsman, who has a Nazi swastika on his back and who keeps getting the crap kicked out of him in every fight. Fortunately he is immortal, so when left for dead he always recovers to attack his enemy from behind. So much for Blade of the Immortal.

There is also this teenaged girl named Rin, who asks Manji for help in avenging the murders of her parents. This gives Manji the opportunity to get into even more fights, getting the crap kick out of him even more, getting left for dead even more, and then killing his opponent by a cheap shot.

That seems to be it. In episode after episode. . . . Well, OK. So I only got through the first seven episodes. Even when another immortal shows up in a pair of heavily edited episodes, apparently to create plot holes, I tended to lose interest.

Nothing much here which has been done before, done since, and done better. Blade of the Immortal must die!