Okay by now most of you must have noticed that despite it being a Disney movie, despite it coming out this November, and despite her appearing in Ralph Breaks the Internet we have yet to see anything from Frozen 2. Even the trailer they have released has literally 2 minutes of her fighting a wave and 3 seconds of a mysterious new girl.

So of course what everyone wants to know is who this new girls is because there are two options.

Option 1: She's the long awaited girlfriend for Elsa. One of the directors has hinted at it, there have been petitions, fan art, the actors have publicly stated they would be okay with it... and frankly the guys from the first movie barely make it onto the merchandise. And Disney has had several gay characters lately ranging from episodes of Once Upon a Time, to the live action beauty an the Beast and various TV series.

Option 2: Others have suggested that Disney will, once again, punk out on this. That maybe the new girl is a long lost sister, the daughter of her dead parents or merely just another character. Because we weren't pissed enough about them being sisters in the last movie.

Are they keeping Frozen 2 largely under wraps because they're afraid of backlash from making Elsa Disney's first (openly) lesbian princess?

Or are they afraid of the backlash if they do not make her the first openly lesbian princess?