to quote "Parker" from the movie ALIEN; "It's... -I Don't Know- It's just... BIG!!"

it is, without question, the VF-1 toy i've been waiting my life for. it's proportions are PERFECT. IN ALL THREE MODES.

oh, and WHAT A SATISFYING HEFT. that leg weight, supported by such a spindly hip bar assembly,
seems disturbingly delicate, but the metal throughout seems of top quality. hell, the metal feet are resonant, and ring when struck.

only time will tell, of course, but the quality seems positively peerless,
easily the closest to the rugged, reassuring quality of the TAKATOKU/BANDAI 1/55 Chunky any modern VF-1 toy has ever come, and, perhaps, ever will.

i don't know how BANDAI did it, but they certainly did, and how.
the proof of miracles is sitting right here, staring me straight in the face...