They could have so easily gone overboard on the sci-fi, but they didn’t. Hero Mask concentrates instead on the police drama side of the story.

Monica Campbell is murdered investigating corporate corruption for the DA. Her protégé, Sarah Sinclair vows to get justice for Monica. Now let’s meet the hero, James Blood, a reckless cop with a special police unit. Or at least he is reckless in episode one. Not so much later on. James, with the aid of Sarah and his team of investigators begin to look into Monica’s death. Oh, and there are these paper masks when applied to the face give a person super strength. Only the masks also cause one to age quickly. Are the two cases connected? Of course.

There are not too many surprises here. The characters are a bit routine. But what saves the show is that it could have so easily degenerated into episode after episode of James and the other cops doing battle with these superhuman monsters. Instead we get a minimum of battles, and mostly a mystery, and a pretty good one at that.

There are no kids in the cast. All characters are adults, and Hero Mask is certainly made with adults in mind. One problem is season one ends with a bit of confusion. The story goes off into a few tangents, with an unexpected flashback to throw you off guard.

Good artwork, although Sarah’s wide eyes are a bit creepy. The animation is good enough. Hero Mask is OK by me. It may not be a classic, but it’s not a dud.

Hero Mask is available exclusively on Netflix Streaming for now.