well, here she is, not perfect, but all right, even so.

she seems to be a custom collaboration between KOTOBUKIYA and OBITSU.

while her legs, arms and internal spinal frame are all standard OBITSU of the day,
the head and soft vinyl bust/lower torso halves are clearly KOTO originals.

the head has a captive shaft that slots into the OBITSU 27's hollow neck,

-with the OBITSU's usual eye hook and retaining bar absent-

- but otherwise, she ends up looking and feeling like just another typical OBITSU 27-based character doll,
save for her unusually-endowed bust-line and somewhat curvier lower torso,
complete with light anatomical accuracy of the personal region.

that said, her KOTOBUKIYA-sourced endowments proved far too generous for my own tastes,
and so i ported her over to a more reasonably-sized M-bust OBITSU i had tucked away.

among other things, her Sailor-Blouse looks far less strained on her now;