Flavors of Youth is a quiet little gem. This joint Japanese-Chinese production consists of three short films taking place in China.

The first of the three is the weakest offering. The Rice Noodles is a young man remembering his youth through food. Nothing really special. His loved his grandma. He had a crush on a girl. And he ate noodles. Thatís it.

A Little Fashion Show is the story of two sisters. The eldest is a fashion model who may be getting too old in an industry that worships youth. She works to support her younger sisterís studies. Itís a bit too short to really get into the relationship, but you do feel the ties and tension between the two siblings.

Finally we have Love in Shanghai. Two teens donít admit their love for each other, and through their worst laid plans, lose each other. Itís a real heartbreaker.

And donít turn off when the credits roll. There is a bit at the end.

Nice artwork. Good animation. And if you get past the opening story, Flavors of Youth is an enjoyable anime, available on Netflix Streaming.