Music has the power to inspire, to draw people together, and to heal. And then there is Lost Song.

Finis, a beautiful but simple, and somewhat absent minded and innocent noblewoman, has the power of song. Her music can bring about great magic, healing – and destruction. Engaged to the kingdom’s evil prince, Finis is used as a weapon of war.

Then there is Rin, a peasant girl whose power of song is equal to Finis’. Her dream is to sing in the capital. Somehow that dream turns into a mission of desperation. Rin and her musical friends race time itself to save the world and Finis’ soul.

The story line seems to exist just as an excuse to get one or two songs into each episode. But two-thirds of the way into the twelve part series, Finis’ romance with the noble knight Henry Leobolt takes a tragic turn. Finis becomes an angel of destruction seeking her revenge throughout history. It seems like quite a lot for Rin to handle, but this is were the story gets darkly interesting.

In all, I did find the series entertaining. Though the first eight episodes could well have been a kids’ anime if it weren’t for all that blood. And there is blood, much to the liking of series villain General Bazra Beamols.

The artwork is done quite well, and the animation shows effort. The English voice actors certainly get their characters right.

Lost Song is available on Netflix Streaming. It is worth taking a look at.