Do you think your parents expected too much from you? You have nothing on 14-year-old Amamiku. Her parents put her in stasis for 90 years, and then instructed her to plant the seeds of DNA which will revive life on Earth. Only she is stuck underwater. But soon she meets up with some of the few survivors of the human race, and they battle this headlike thingy to save Amamiku and humanity.

Thatís the essence of Blue Remains.

Actually, Blue Remains is a pretty good adventure story. Things are fast paced as the film lasts for just over one hour. At least the story is good enough to make me forget the dorkey character designs. But this is not the style I think of when I think of anime. This is totally computer generated, and the character designs certainly makes one take notice of that. The characters all look like they walked out of some old video game.

As short and non-complex as Blue Remains is, I still liked the story. Itís not the worst adventure I have seen, and really is not a bad way to kill an hour.