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Thread: Five songs can not be heard on New Year's Day

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    Default Five songs can not be heard on New Year's Day

    When these timeless melodies resound, everyone will forget all the worries and worries of the old year and welcome a happy new year.

    1. Auld Lang Syne - Mariah Carey

    This is a Scottish poem written in 1788. After the music, Auld Lang Syne has become the traditional song of many countries in the world, especially the English-speaking countries. The melody of the song resounds on New Year's Eve as a farewell to the old year and the New Year.

    2. Happy new year - ABBA

    It must have been when the song was released, the Swedish band ABBA could not have imagined Happy new year to be so successful and so powerful. Based on their debut album Super Trouper, after its release in 1981, the song quickly climbed to number 17 on the Billboard 200. So far, it is considered to be the most popular New Year's song from around the world.

    3. It's just another New Year's Eve - Barry Manilow

    For those who want a light, romantic Eve with candles and music, it's just another New Year's Eve is a great choice. The song was composed and performed by Manilow in 1977. Later, the song appeared on Barry Manilow Live (1977) and Because It's Christmas (1990).

    4. New Year's Day - U2

    New Year's Day is included in the album War and marks the beginning of the Irish rock band U2. Born in 1983, in the context of war between Ireland and Iraq is still ongoing, the song has become a comfort to the people of Ireland with optimism about a better new year.

    5. What are you doing New Year's Eve - Ella Fitzgerald

    This is a well-known song written by Frank Loesser in 1947. Shortly after its release, the song reached number one on the Orioles chart, number 9 on the Billboard charts and was the best-selling song. in December 1949.

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