If you look below, you will see my review of Godzilla: Planet of Monsters. Now itís time for part two of the trilogy, Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle.

Haruo and the survivors of the battle with Godzilla find themselves the not too willing guests of a race of primitive humanoids called the Houta. Who are they and how did they come to be? Well, you will get a lot of theorizing here. In fact, there is about an hour of theorizing and scientific explanations before Godzilla finally shows up. It may try your patience, but the last 40 minutes is worth the wait.

We get a spiel on Mechagodzilla, a human made weapon which seems to have survived and evolved into a city. It seems that the city can be activated and weaponized to destroy Godzilla. Will it really be that easy? But the humanís ally, the Bilusadudians have different ideas on what constitutes victory, and the price may be the essence of humanity itself. Can the Exif come up with a better plan? And will Houta and Ruko live to find happiness together? And what about the Houta?

As the first hour drags on, just remember the last 40 minutes or so contains some great battle action. The plot also begins to gel, as the Bilusadudians seek their evolution. My interest has been renewed. And donít stop watching when the credits roll. Wait for the four minutes as they crawl by, because there is more at the end.

Both Godzilla anime films are on Netflix Streaming.