We had Innuyasha and Innuyasha: The Final Chapter, but now we have Innuyasha: One Year Later!

It has been a year since Kagome decided to stay with Innuyasha in the feudal period as his wife. But after a year, the romance has faced. Kagome and Innuyasha seek help from a marriage consular.

Psychiatrist: Tell me, Kagome, what is your greatest dissatisfaction?

Kagome: Well, I guess itís because life has just gotten so boring. Every day itís the same thing. No excitement, no movies, no parties. Just the same old thing.

Innuyasha: What do you mean boring? We catch fish every morning, tend the vegetable garden, clean the house. We keep pretty busy.

K: I keep busy. You catch one fish for dinner, and then you leave me to do the rest of the work. You donít come home until itís time to eat.

I: Hey, I got things to do outside the home. Me and Miroku have demons to hunt.

K: Yeah, and you hunt them down at the local bar. I know what you two do when you get together. I can smell the liquor on you when you stumble home.

I: I donít stumble.

P: Innuyasha, what is your greatest dissatisfaction?

I: Someone, I wonít say who, just canít stop complaining.

K: Someone, I wonít say who, gives me a lot to complain about.

P: Letís try a different subject. What is your sex life like?

I: Great! Fantastic!

K: The same as everything else. Dull.

I: Dull? You always told me I was great in the sack.

K: Oh yeah? When was the last time I said that?

I: About eight months ago.

K: Well, now the sex is boring. Itís the same sex every time.

I: So whatís the problem?

K: Do we always have to do it doggie style?

I: Iím half dog demon. What do you expect?

K: Variety. Why canít we just do the basic missionary position for once? Or me on top?

I: What would you be doing on top?

P: Now Innuyasha, Kagome has a point. Variety is important in keeping a relationship fresh and seemingly new.

K: Why canít we try the peg position? The bending spoon? The tango?

I: Wait a minute! How did you learn about those positions?

K: Uh, I looked them up on the internet when you are gone.

I: We donít have the internet! This is the Warring States period!

P: OK. Letís do an experiment here. Itís called ďrole playing.Ē Each of you pretend to be the other. Innuyasha, you go first. Pretend you are Kagome. What would Kagome say?

I: (In a high pitched voice.) Hi! My name is Kagome. And I like to b-tch, b-tch, b-tch.

K: Sit boy! (Innuyasha crashes to the floor.)

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