OK, so what exactly was I watching?

Interstella 5555 begins on a planet of blue people where a band is giving a concert which everyone enjoys. This is sort of strange in that the music really sucks. Anyway, a group of soldiers invades, kidnaps the band, wipes their memories, paints three of them white and the other black, and brings them to Earth were a music executive plans to take over the universe.

{Long silence.}

Yeah, thatís what I thought.

Donít wait for an explanation. None is given, primarily because in the entire movie there is no dialog. We only hear mundane, repetitive music. The animation being below movie standards does not help.

It was an interesting concept. An anime pantomime in which words do not tell the story! But it could have used some better music, rather than bore us with a redundant beat.

Better luck next time.

Good thing Interstella 5555 ran for just slightly more than an hour.