So you have this guy named Jin who is traveling to the moon with his family, when the shuttle explodes. Only Jin survives since when he fell he hit the ocean. At least that is the official story, and they are sticking to it. The truth comes later.

OK, so Dragonaut: The Resonance gets off to a shaky start. The various plot lines which follow are a bit confusing given the various holes in the story. But somehow I really was not bothered by that.

OK, so what are dragonauts? Thereís this planet called Thanatos which is passing by Earth. Thatís where the dragons come from. Mankind sees them as a threat for some reason, so the ISDA creates its own dragons who have human form, but can transform into these mecha weapon dragons piloted by the human dragonauts who have gone through resonance with them.

And so Jim is alone in this world until he meets this hot redhead in short shorts named Toa. A dragon named Gio is there to defend her. And before it is all over, we get a nice lesson about humanity. But that does not come until the ISDA turns on its dragons and tries to hunt them down.

I know it sounds pretty stupid. But actually there are some good characterizations in this anime. Plus there is enough dramatic tension to keep me interested. Will the world be saved or destroyed, and by whom? Will Jin and Toa find happiness? And why so many giant breasts?

Odd that with all its faults, Dagonaut: The Resonance is actually a pretty entertaining series. I just canít figure what they did right.