I just watched the sixth and final episode of FLCL Progressive. I had mixed feelings going into the series. On the one hand, sure I was looking forward to it. On the other, I had my doubts if the FLCL magic could be recreated. My final conclusion? FLCL Progressive has everything FLCL had Ė only less. A lot less. Very much a lot less.

FLCL Progressive is fast paced, but not as fast as FLCL. Both had nearly incomprehensible plots, but with FLCL, though it did make sense after a half dozen viewings, the hilariously entertaining insanity made the plot secondary. With FLCL Progressive, the insanity never reaches the same level, and you are stuck with a nearly incomprehensible plot which is also paper thin. There is also less background music by The Pillows.

Oh yes, the background music. The unique sound of The Pillows played throughout the original FLCL setting the tone of the action. With FLCL Progressive, at least in the first four episodes it is used sparingly. Instead weak character development carries the tone.

And what of your favorite FLCL characters? Haruko is back. Canti makes a limited appearance. And we do see Adomskís true form. Everyone else is new, including Harukoís rival Jinyu and a high school girl named Hidomi.

Hidomi is in the center of Harukoís plans. Why is never clear. Also not too clear is the exact reason she is wearing headphones.

As far as Haruko goes, this time she is more malevolent. Not that she was a nice person before, but at least in FLCL she did have her moments where she showed kindness to Naota.

You really donít have to watch FLCL Progressive a half dozen times to figure out the plot. Thatís good, because I donít want to watch it that often. I donít even want to watch it a second time. Even if I was not expecting another FLCL, I was still disappointed.