Just in time for the 4th of July (that's Independence Day for you fereners), here is my list of the top five anime set in the United States of America!

In reverse order:

5. Supernatural. Sound familiar? This one-season series is based on the live action show which I understand is in it's eleventh season. I never saw the live action. The anime is the story of two brothers traveling the country searching for supernatural mysteries to solve. Each episode is introduced by the actors from the live series. Most are adaptations of series episodes, though there were one or two originals.

4. Gungrave. This is a gangster saga which suddenly takes a supernatural turn when a character comes back from the grave. The turn is not exactly handled well, as I recall. But I did adapt to it quickly. The first half was a good gangster yarn, and once I accepted the premise of the second half, I found it pretty entertaining.

3. Blood+. OK. Actually this one takes place all over the world. It starts in Japan, goes to Vietnam, then to Europe, and finally the big finale! A fight to the death between Saya and Diva in New York. Since a major portion of the series takes place in the US, I included it on this list.

2. Neo Yokio. That's New York to you. Kaz is a member of a family of upper class demon hunters, though he's really not interested in the family business. As he tries to climb the social ladder, he must also fight evil.

1. Baccano! Yes, the exclamation point is part of the title. The series requires multiple viewings since the story jumps around in years, but it is worth it. Gangsters meet immortals. That's the premise. We meet the blood thirsty, happy-go-luck Ladd Russo, the evil Szilard Quates, the friendly gangster Maiza Avaro, and many others in various tales. Free-spirited and empty headed thieves Isaac and Miria lead us through the maze.

Now your turn. A few rules. Your anime does not have to take place totally in the USA, but must have at least one arc which does. Tell us something about the anime, for those who don't know it. I am waiting!