If you were a voice actor, which anime character would you want to play? And would you do him/her any differently than the voice actor who did do the character?

For me, I would like to do Izaya Orihara from Durarara!! and Durarara!!X2. I like the way Johnny Yong Bosch did him in the English dub. But if I were doing Izaya, I would give him a more innocent tone. I am going with the theory that an deceptive innocent tone would bring out his evil even more, due to the contrast. Then again, if his evil were more pronounced, Izaya might not be as likable -- and he is a very likable villain. But I would take the chance.

My second choice would be Walker from the same series. I would try to give him a more romantic tone when he is with Erika. They would make a nice couple, and I do think there is an attraction underneath it all. If I am wrong about that, maybe Walker would just get lucky. Despite the wardrobe, Erika is a fairly cute girl.

Your turn.