And now a story of paradise lost and found. Children of the Whales is the story of a people who live an idyllic existence Ė almost. There are the Marked who possess kinetic mental powers known a thymia. But with these powers comes a short life span. The Unmarked, normal people, live a normal life span often into an advanced age. Due to their longevity, the Unmarked govern. But everyone accepts what is, and everyone is happy living on a floating island known as the Mud Whale.

Of course, peace is not about to last. When the people of the Mud Whale come across another floating island, a team is sent to investigate. It includes young Chakuru, the chronicler of the Mud Whale, who keeps a written record of all that happens. On this new island, there is only one survivor, a young girl they call Lykes. Lykes joins the people of the Mud Whale, just before her people attack in a war of genocide. For the first time ever, the people of the Mud Whale must use their powers to fight and kill, while many of them also die in the fight.

So why is the Mud Whale under attack? How did these people get to be on this floating island, and why? Why do the Marked die young? These questions are all painfully answered.

Quite a lot happens in a mere twelve episodes. When the series ends, you want more. There is no word about a second season, though the manga is still ongoing.

Good artwork really helps the story move. The animation could be better in spots, but it is better than most. There is no profanity, but there is nude skinny dipping in one episode, and quite a bit of blood in others.

Children of the Whales works. Not only that, but it does leave you wanting more. I credit good character development for that. You really do get interested in where these characters are going. I give Children of the Whales my recommendation.

Right now, this series apparently is only available on Netflix Streaming, at least outside of Japan.