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Thread: So Nintendo released a cheaper, dock-less Nintendo Switch in Japan, but...

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    Default So Nintendo released a cheaper, dock-less Nintendo Switch in Japan, but...

    So you may or may not have heard that Nintendo recently released a dock-less version of the Nintendo Switch in Japan, and depending on how well it does over there, no doubt it will come to the Americas and Europe and pretty much any country in which the Switch has sold well.

    Initially, the lower price seems enticing: according to this article you can save around $50 if you buy a Switch without the dock. It's a good option for those who only care to use the Switch as a portable handheld (i.e don't care to use it as a games console) and the more minimal package makes sense if you're part of a family in which one person already owns an original Switch and you don't mind the slight inconvenience of waiting in line to recharge your dock-less Switch at no extra cost or use it as a games console occasionally.

    Okay, so far, so good. On the surface it seems Nintendo are pushing the Switch brand forward by acknowledging the alternative preferences of consumers who'd rather not waste money on components that they don't intend to use.

    But then again, this is Nintendo. And surely enough, Nintendo being Nintendo, thought it was a grand idea to remove not just the dock from the Switch for a lower price, but the AC adaptor too (i.e. the Switch charger!). At first when I got wind of this omission I thought it was a joke, or perhaps some wild rumour spun by anti-Nintendo trolls on Reddit, but nope; as it turns out, this was just Nintendo being a d*ck as usual. Now if you factor in the additional cost of an AC adaptor, which surely, any sane consumer would, the potential savings goes from a decent $50 to a sobering $20. If I'm being honest, the $50 saving isn't exactly a bargain to begin with, but it's a far cry from $20.

    Why Nintendo has released a dock-less Switch without the AC adaptor is beyond me. The perceived message isn't so much "Hey, you can buy me at a much lower price!*" than "Hey, for just an extra $20 you can enjoy all of my features!". All things considered, the dock-less Switch has ironically made its fully-featured counterpart seem like the better deal in comparison.

    Even from a business standpoint this move from Nintendo appears nonsensical, but if history has taught me anything, it's that Nintendo is relatively far-sighted in its aims and has often succeeded in proving the games industry (and me) wrong, and not by simply following the crowd. For instance, Nintendo knew exactly what they were doing when they purposely under-supplied their Amiibo, the Nintendo Switch and NES Mini: it's called artificial scarcity and it works. In some ways Nintendo is like the Sith in Star Wars: its moves are unclear and seemingly illogical to all but those who think as they do, and I wouldn't be too surprised if the dock-less Switch somehow became a success in Japan.

    Still, the overall impression I get from the dock-less Switch is far from positive: the hinted $50 saving seems meaningless to all but those who somehow think that $250 is a good deal for a system with an effective lifespan of just 3-6 hours (assuming the Switch has a full charge out of the box), after which it's reduced to nothing more than a paper weight. Now I'm sure some people are going to say "But, but... you can save much money if you just buy a dirt-cheap, third-party USB-C charger to charge the dock-less Switch". Well let's just say that if that option didn't have its own caveats, I wouldn't be writing this thread.

    TL;DR: All things considered, my opinion is that the lower price of the dock-less Nintendo Switch doesn't do justice when you factor in the additional cost of what is for most, an integral component that Nintendo chose to exclude for unfathomable reasons. Unless you like the idea of saving every penny at every opportunity, I don't think this will appeal even to those who just want to use the Switch as a portable console. But what are your thoughts?

    *Real savings may be actually less if you want to purchase the AC adaptor for some weird reason
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