I was going to go out to a movie tonight, but I wasn’t feeling that well. So instead I stayed home and watched this DVD just received from Netflix.

King of Thorn finds the world in a precarious state. People keep dying of an epidemic which turns them to dust. A Russian oligarch heading a major international corporation proposes putting a select number of those diagnosed with the disease asleep for a hundred years. Surely there will be a cure by then. Right. Instead the test subjects awaken to a new world full of thorns and monsters. Immediately they are killed off en masse. But a few do get left alive.

There is Kasumi, a Japanese teen who wants to be reunited with her twin sister. Katherine wants to be reunited with her dead son. Marco is a criminal. Ron is a cop. And then there is Timothy, a child who seems to think this is all a video game. Add in a few others, and. . . . What if I tell you not everyone is whom they appear or claim to be?

There is plenty of action as our survivors try to escape the castle in which they find themselves imprisoned. The action is good enough to take your mind off the confusing plot, and it really is confusing. The several twists and turns, the secret conspiracies, fantasy versus reality, and much more does leave one scratching their head.

But if you like action, and are stratified with only the bare essentials of the plot, King of Thorn should please you. There is lots of blood, people getting their heads eaten, and profanity. So keep the little ones away.