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Thread: "My Tonsils are Sore" // Colloid

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    Question "My Tonsils are Sore" // Colloid

    "> " /> ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    Colloid is an underrated Vocaloid producer, who I admire a lot. I managed to get the kanji for this song and compile it into a translation. Thing is, someone already translated it.

    There is already a translation, but the title is slightly mistranslated, as it says "My Tonsils Hurt" when I got "My Tonsils are Sore". Sore would make a better term to describe the feeling.

    The translation is very simple for mine:

    前髪を伸ばそう 見えないように
    I('ll) grow out my fringe, to blind myself

    ボリュームを上げよう 聞こえないように
    I('ll) raise the volume, to deafen my ears

    My tonsils/throat hurt.


    手首は怖いから 親指を噛もう
    Since wrists are scary, I chew my thumb.
    Since wrists are scary,

    I'll vomit.

    I would've gotten "Much worse" from zutto, but "zutto" is all is that is said.

    Despite being a simple yet straightforward song, I am not too sure if I got the lyrics correct. The translations are very similar, yet who got the feeling more accurately?

    EDIT: Thanks, edited
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