Let's try this again! I hope April will be a better month for people; I know I don't have that much going on.

The idea, basically, is to spend a month pushing yourself to translate as many songs as is within your capability. (Despite the name, these don't have to be anime songs specifically--just something that falls within the purview of this site.) If you are a Lv. 2 Contributor to AnimeLyrics and wish to participate, please reply to this thread with your song list (explained below).

The event starts when the clock strikes 12 midnight (00:00) on April 1st in your timezone, and ends at 11:59 on April 30th. This means that different people will have different start and end times.

Incomplete or double submissions do not count. Please do not simply put up lyrics that you have done beforehand, that is against the spirit of this challenge. If the transliteration is not on the site yet, you are allowed to submit the translit before the event starts.

Translations from the event are immune from being replaced via Lyrics Correction for a month.

You will declare a specific target number of submissions (which may be changed anytime before the challenge begins, but not after) that is based on your translating capabilities.

For translators who have been active for two years or less or have fewer than twenty translations on the site, the minimum target is ten songs. (You only have to meet one of these criteria to go for the lower target.) For more senior translators, the minimum is twenty-four. Your target number may be adjusted until the start of the submission period.

In addition, you are to provide a song list adding up to roughly half your target number. This is your Compulsory Songs (CS) set. CS are songs you are committing to having translated by the end of the month. Only one translator participating in the challenge may have any given song on their CS list, and the song cannot already have a translation up on the site (check carefully; one year I missed that five whole songs on my list were already up).

The rest of your target number is made up of Freechoice Songs (FS). Any song you translate during the month of the challenge that's not on your CS list counts toward your FS total. For example, if your target number is thirty-one, you could put sixteen songs on your CS list; you would then need to translate fifteen songs not on your CS list to make your target. (You could also pick fifteen CS songs and leave sixteen as FS, or seventeen and fourteen, as long as it's roughly half-and-half.)

If a song in your CS set has been translated by a non-participant during the event, you will be notified through PM to attempt it within 3 days. If your t/l is judged by an admin to be superior, it will be put up on the site, which will count towards your CS list. If your t/l is inferior, it will not be put up on the site, but will not be struck off your CS list. If you do not respond with a t/l in 3 days, your song will be struck off from the CS list. (NB: This has never actually happened in the time I've been running this challenge, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.)

If a song from your CS set is struck off, you must make it up by translating two FS songs, increasing your target number. For example, if your target number is twenty-four with a CS set of fifteen, and four of those songs are struck off, not only do you have to translate four FS songs to make up for the CS songs you didn't do, you have to translate four extra FS songs, for a total of twenty-eight.

You are allowed to exceed your FS count and thus your target number.

Confirmed Participants (CS/TN):