Hello, we are a Discord group who love to share and explore Japanese Idol music and other kawaii or cute music. I'm reaching out because we have quite a lot of idol music fans but not many people who are posting other sorts of kawaii music.

I really love cute and playful music, and we get a lot of it from the idol scene... but I'm also interested in other styles of kawaii music, like in MMD or Vocaloid, or anime cute style, or fun kids party music (you guys remember the Lazytown soundtrack?)....

So I'm trying to reach out a bit and see if any of you guys are interested in checking out our idol music and maybe sharing some of your own cute-style music if that's what you happen to be into?

Here are three of my cutest idol songs/music videos

The first is a really super catchy and super cute little video I stumbled upon made by a small Osaka-based (I think) group who do local live performances (which are also on Youtube). I think the video is supposed to be an 'advertisement' for a town somewhere. It's so cute, and the guy who made it has a really cool 'career' where he tries to make high-substance cute or idol-related things come into being

The second is by Himari (and two others :3) in the usausagirls talent club. Himari is mostly a model now but maybe I will hear her sing again :3

And this is Twinkle's second song and music video:

And here are three that I would call 'kawaii' or cute songs/videos :3

San Puroland:


God knows what this is, but it's super cute:

The invite link to Idol World / Kawaii World is here: https://discord.gg/FCqjAGj

(Discord opens in your phone, or browser, or you can install the Desktop version. It's a popular chat client which also lets you share Youtube videos with people, and many other things)

Thank you for reading!!!