Here’s a delightful little anime for kids, all about a funny little Tiger and his best friend – a rabbit named Bunny.

Naw. I’m just sh-tting ya. Actually, Tiger and Bunny is an action-comedy series with just the right amount of darkness along the edges, and quite a bit of suspense and second guessing.

First the premise: Certain people are born with genetic mutations which give them various superpowers. These people are called the Next. The best become heroes, competing on live reality television as they pursue criminals and react to disasters. Points are awarded for people saved and criminals caught.

Kotetsu Kaburagi, aka Flying Tiger, is the veteran of the group, who has lost a step or two over the years. Due to a change in corporate sponsorship, he is teamed up with a newcomer, Barnaby Brooks, Jr., who fights under his own name rather than a nom de guerre. Though they have similar powers, their styles are different, and they just don’t like each other. Kotetsu begins calling Barnaby “Bunny,” which causes more argument. Of course, we all know how this relationship will turn out. The fun is watching it happen.

Along the way, Tiger, Bunny, and the other heroes must face a Next vigilante called Lunatic, and a criminal organization called Ouroboros. Ouroboros is responsible for the murder of Barnaby’s parents, thus the motivation for his becoming a hero. Though Barnaby and Kotetsu are the focus of the story, we do get to know most of the other heroes as well. A few do get their backstories left out due to the lack of time between two seasons.

The characterizations are done well. All characters have well organized personalities from the beginning. Kotetsu especially makes a strong impression. Though sometimes seen as a clown, he is the one who eventually figures out the clues, and the one who offers encouragement when the younger members of the team question their own resolve.

We get some pretty good voice acting in the English dub. Voice actors popular among anime fans are used, including Kari Wahlgren (Blood+), Laura Bailey (Gunslinger Girl), Vic Mignogan (Full Metal Alchemist), and Yuri Lowenthal (Code Geass).

The animation is well done. With so many super heroes, there is always the problem of overdoing the fight scenes. If the creators had any such temptation, it does not show.

There is no nudity. There is violence, but not all that much blood. There was only one episode with profanity in the English dub. (Yeah, what’s up with that?) But there are murders, and the topic of Barnaby’s parents’ violent deaths. So keep this away from the little ones. Early teens to adults are fine.

I really enjoyed Tiger and Bunny. With a few plot twists, and the usual hopeless climax, it kept me interested and at the edge of my seat. There is also an OVA movie, and an additional follow-up movie. I have seen neither. All I can do is recommend you watch the original series.