So bit of a back story, I have a laser etching machine, well a second one now, and this one is primarily for etching metal. It can't really cut it, or rather it can, but not very efficiently, although that can be at least partly be blamed on me still learning how to use it.

The fun thing about metal, is that some metals (most notably stainless steel and titanium) can change color when heated up in a very precise and specific way.

I've spent some time experimenting with stainless steel, mostly because titanium is a bit too pricey to test with, and have had some positive results. I don't have a good gamut of colors yet, but here's a piece I just etched, using some of the colors that I have figured out. It's on a stainless steel pendant, 34mm in diameter, featuring Utena and Anthy as silhouettes.

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