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Thread: The Divine Horror - Possible Death Note sequel?

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    Default The Divine Horror - Possible Death Note sequel?

    The Divine Horror: Rejected Revolution


    ==Table of Contents==

    Ugami - Main character
    Pak - Main character companion
    Keith - Main character companion
    Tsam - Main character companion
    Anos - Main character family from home
    Bee - Main character family from home
    Colt - Main character family from home
    O - mountain man at center of Earth
    Near - narrator
    Earth demon - meets character after school -- teaches about underground fighting
    Satan - leader of Hell
    Mt. Ever Rest
    Outer lands -- (for exiled and prisoners)
    The land rings (saturn concept)
    Telepathy and clairvoyant wars
    Shadow entities with wave and radio communication
    An underground legion almost as the flipped version of the world's surface
    The rings of society (saturn-like concept)
    The outer lands for the evil scum and exiled prisoners
    The school organization for training the new comers
    Battling the possessed by shadow entities

    *All of the art used in this video was from the "Death Note" anime and manga, and/or Google Images.*


    == Prologue - From top to bottom ==

    Ryuk & Near in set -

    Ryuk: What are you going to do with that?
    Near: I'm going to destroy it.
    Ryuk: Are you sure that's a good idea?
    Near burns the death note to ashes.

    The consequence is responsible for unleashing spirits
    that have most of the telepathic impact on the world.

    End scene


    Ryuk and the Shinigami King in set -

    Ryuk: It's so boring here.
    Shinigami King: Give your death note to that man...
    Ryuk gives his death note to a world leader--also Ugami's father.

    End scene

    Ugami's father writes his own name in Ryuk's death note in the form
    of an epic.

    This story shows what he wrote and how he became the head of the
    bottom of the pyramid.


    == Story - Part One ==

    (Near narrating)

    Once upon a time...

    The world was being stolen from a group of shadows that aimed to
    rule the world...

    Most of the entities were able to remotely control their presence
    in a shadow form. They could communicate with living, physical
    beings in the world. The stronger ones were rumored to have been
    in hiding underground, while their shadows caused chaos on the

    With communication and physical brute force, this 'legion' was able
    to scramble the surface while dominating the underworld. No one
    was safe from fraud or exposure. Many organizations were destroyed
    or shut down because unsafe practices or inexperience.

    Wars began and telepathy was a weapon; vulnerable eyes were reaped
    by deception. Luckily someone above was watching...

    A mountain had formed at the center of the surface of the world,
    seemingly cutting the bridge to the underworld and the surface.
    A world war followed, and as a result, most of the monsters on the
    surface were disappearing.

    The spirits and shadows remained...The world was slightly more
    peaceful and organizations were set up to prepare newcomers for
    the adaptation process.

    Mankind fought as much as they could. A saturn-ring-like establishment
    was formed as a new living geography; those who committed to 'shadow
    magic' were exiled to the outer rings, and the corrupt and possessed were jailed.

    'The corrupt' were studied and most reports stated that: "they didn't
    even know where they were--like they were in two places at once" They were
    also noted to be somewhat deceptive.

    Meanwhile, anyone who traveled to the center of the world either never
    returned, or established secrecy.

    An organization that practiced as a global school opened. The alumni
    were children and scored in simulated performance tests. Based on
    their results, the children were shipped alone or in groups to the ring
    and division that operated their best skills.

    The perfect scores were sent farther inland, and prepared to climb the

    The failures that couldn't overcome the shadows were jailed and put in
    a 'limbo state' closer to the outer rings, and were monitored as well
    as limited in abilities.

    The ones that failed the simulations with crime as a result were exiled.

    Later on there was one perfect score.

    The perfect score was leaving the school and prepared to go the mountain
    but disappeared before being moved.

    He shows up later, however, as the world's best gladiator. And on his
    new throne, guess where he decides to go?

    Mount Ever Rest.


    == Part 2 - School ==

    Boys and girls are taken into the school at as little as 5 years-old...

    As a child, the main character, Ugami, is at home with his parents
    and younger brothers and sisters: Anos, Bee, and Colt, in a village town
    in one of the inner rings that was suited to be inhabited by breeding folk.

    When Ugami is taken to the school, he masters the art of science and math,
    historical simulations and futuristic possibilites, as well as the native

    He aces all the real-life drills and is eventually accepted to go on
    group simulations as a teenager.

    He is also taught about letters, when given physical properties and
    observations. Such as when an uppercase L falls backwards, it creates
    a short wall to climb as opposed to falling forwards and creating
    a steep ramp.

    When Ugami is grouped with other alumni at his skill level, they
    are expected to complete simulations like manning a boat in a storm,
    and surviving in various simulated ecosystems and wildlife environments.
    The higher their grade, the harder it gets.

    At the end of an 18-year course, Ugami is released and prepped for the
    ultimate test--climbing the mountain at the center of the world. His
    classmates were released to their designated areas.


    == Part 3 - Ugami's life ==

    Ugami is deeper inland preparing for his departure to the mountain.

    His classmates: Pak, Keith, and Tsam have left for their new places on
    the world.

    Pak graduated as a master architect.
    Keith graduated as a master mathematician.
    Tsam graduated as a ninja.

    A night before leaving for the mountain, Ugami meets a figure while
    alone in the woods.

    The creature is a beast with wings, and can speak. The creature shows
    Ugami cool things and tricks and later offers a Ugami a better life
    if he follows him to the outer rings.

    Ugami falls for the offer and journeys with the creature to the outer

    Ugami is also offered many tricks, as well as incredible strength from
    the creature, and soon understands that his life force is put into
    a duck; and if the duck dies, he will too. Ugami figured a decent
    life-cheat would be worth a duck's lifespan.

    While Ugami is on his way along with the creature, he takes his new
    prized duck to his old home, and meets with his brothers and sisters in
    secret before leaving to the outer rings with the creature.

    Ugami soon enters an underground gladiating tournament with his new
    found powers and dominates the league. He is seen as unstoppable and
    also uses the creature as a friend for knowledge while he traverses
    through the clans and the outer rings.

    One night, Ugami has a dream that he is raped by dark sorcerers, meets
    a minotaur, and is forced to eat a glowing purple flower.

    Ugami receives a lot of wealth and power in the outer lands.
    He is tried and fights against many clans.

    Ugami is eventually rediscovered by the inner ring system through fame.
    He is captured by world leaders through deception and brought back

    As the school's best student, the world leaders offer Ugami a chance
    to climb the mountain or be imprisoned.

    He accepts the offer to climb the mountain, however a deal is made
    that he can bring anyone he wants, so he decides to ask his old classmates,
    and they agree to go.


    == Part 4 - The Mountain ==

    Ugami and his team endure fierce cold, avalanches, and snow beasts
    as they travel up the mountain. They eventually reach a large door
    and they ring the bell. No one answers for 3 hours and they are forced
    to squat and run in place to stay warm.

    When the door opens, a mysterious dark figure greets them and asks them
    to come inside. The figure goes out of sight for a few minutes while
    they are waiting by the door, wondering why it's so warm inside.

    The figure returns and tells Ugami: "I am O."

    O then continues to tour them around, showing them cool tech things.
    Later he says: "I know why you're here; you may leave as you choose not
    to stay, but you can't stay."

    Afterwards, they go down a dark hallway, which led into another room. O
    opened the door and pressed a button on a desk that took up most of the
    back wall. A portal opens in the center of the room. O says: "It goes
    to either Heaven or Hell--but I've never seen anyone come back."

    Before entering, Ugami explains to his team that a duck holds his life
    force. They understand and turn back to guard the duck. Ugami enters
    the portal and fades to black.


    Ugami in the underworld

    When Ugami finally reaches the underworld by going to the center
    of the world, he travels from the outer rings of the underworld
    to the center, making it to his father's lair.

    Ugami finds a slave labor union near the throne that is constantly
    working to the background music demons are making. It is a wheel
    that constantly flows oxygen to the fires. There are many
    workers, demons, and spirits.

    Ugami fights many demons and near the end, he watches two great
    demons battle at his father's throne.

    Before he escapes through a portal behind his father's throne,
    the entire underground kingdom has a meltdown to a song. Ugami
    blacks out after entering the portal...

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    Default Re: The Divine Horror - Possible Death Note sequel?

    I have been a fan of death note since then, I have read the manga, watch the anime adaptation, and the live action.

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