Alibaba, Aladdin, and Morgiana are at it again. Taking refuge under King Sinbad, our trio is ready for more adventures. But this time they must go their separate ways to fulfill their destinies.

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic is the sequel to Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. This time young Aladdin gets involved in political intrigue as he comes of age and travels to Mangostadt, a country ruled by magicians where our young hero hopes to learn their arts. But Al-Tharmen has other ideas, as the organization seeks to destroy the world – for some reason. It is now only Aladdin who can stop the war which will extinguish our planet.

This is only season one I am reviewing. Maybe more is told in season two. But for now, there are holes in the story-lines. Suffice to say that our three heroes make new friends and new enemies, who must all unite for a final battle to save the world as we know it. With 25 episodes, a complex plot is not left with much time to flush out all the details; such as, what the heck is Al-Tharmen's problem anyway?

But for those who love action, the fight scenes are done very well. They do follow the usual format. Certain victory turns into defeat and then back into victory against all odds. But they are fun to watch.

Our major characters all seem to grow and develop. A weakness of the series is that there are too many minor characters for the audience to really get into. The creators may well have spent a great deal of creative energy developing the minor characters, but for several there is just not enough time to get into their personalities and quirks.

The voice acting for the English dub is good. The voices do match up well with the characters, particularly Erica Mendez as Aladdin. You can hear in Aladdin’s voice a childlike innocence, combined with a maturity strong enough to see the ugly reality that constitutes the opposition for everything Aladdin believes in.

Overall, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic is a good enough series for me to be interested in season 2.