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Thread: New Noragami Series: Noragami Amagami

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    Default New Noragami Series: Noragami Amagami

    I though of a new series taking place after Noragami Aragato, Noragami Amagami has new characters and a new plot. Some time after those events, a series of murder began occurring around the city, many of them students from the academy. However, they all had a similarity; blood was drained out of their openings, whether it be gunshot or stab or slice wounds. At one point, it becomes clear about why they happened.

    New Main Characters:
    Vasili Isakovich: a transfer student from Russia with a Japanese mother, Vasili is calm, cool hearted, and a smart bookworm student, wearing glasses while reading. At one point, upon meeting Hiyori, both she and Vasili began to show interest in one another. However, he hides a dark past, he claims his parents and brother had died in a house fire but whether they perished from the flames or the smoke was not known.
    Hair: Light Brown; Eyes: Sky Blue

    Sova: one of the gods that had been banished and forgotten, but now he has returned to take revenge on the ones who banished him. He is one of Yato's worst enemies; Sova is the god of blood. He gains power from the blood of victims that die and plans to use it to strike down Yato the work on the rest of the gods. However, in his state with power lost since his banishment, he requires a regalia to carry out his work; that regalia is Dimitri Isakovich, who was though dead. One of his plans is to corrupt the judgement beings so that they punish those who dare oppose him with a bloody death.
    Hair: Crimson; Eyes: Blood Red

    Dimitri Isakovich: Vasili's twin brother, thought to have perished in the house fire along with his parents. He has a mental condition that eventually drove him into the route of a psychopath who likes death; began watching movies that involve lots of killing. Unknown to Vasili and the others, Dimitri is alive and now he has become Sova's regalia because he was the perfect candidate. He begins a series of ritualistic killing in which some of the blood from the murder victim is taken; he kills the target with his gun and a knife. He has managed to evade authorities and elude people before they could identify them.
    Hair: Brown; Eyes: Brown
    Conversation with Vasili, Hiyori, Yato, and Yukine at the climax, revealing himself as the serial killer:
    Vasili: "That face, it can't be..."
    Dimitri: "Been a long time since I last saw you... brother."
    Vasili: "Dimitri... but that house fire. You died there!"
    Dimitri: "That is what the authorities told you. But I am back from the dead, brother. I managed to escape by covering the blocking fire with the bodies of your parents."
    Vasili: "What... No?"
    Dimitri: "That's right, I shot them both dead and fled. They had treated me badly, favoring you over me. And they paid for it, just like many others who would fuel my new friend."
    Yukine: "Friend? What friend of yours?"
    Sova Appears: "We meet again, Yakumen."
    Yato: "You... Dimitiri... you're a regalia to Sova! Do you know who he is?!"
    Dimitri: "Da. He is the god of blood and he promised me revenge on this society in return for providing blood sacrifices to him."
    Hiyori: "Blood... Tetsuya! You murdered him! I remember with his dying breath to watch out for a Russian that looks like Vasili, and you are his twin brother. Tetsuya didn't deserve to die like that. Neither did the others you murdered."
    Dimitri: "They are all members of the society that shunned me; they all paid for that in blood, and both you and Vasili will do so soon."
    Yukine: "Wait! I had the same issue before but I never harmed a human just because I was treated poorly. What kind of monster are you?"
    Sova: "Simple, a regalia of blood. I just learned that once I have the blood of you, the girl, and my regalia's brother; I will be powerful enough to destroy Yakumen and collect his blood. He will die and with the power from the blood of a god, I will be able to take revenge on the other gods. Already I have corrupted Heaven's punishers so that they only obey me."

    Tetsuya Shinbu: one of the students in the school, but a few hours after a conversation with Hiyori and Vasili, Tetsuya disappeared. Soon, Hiyori stumbled upon him lying back in a pool of blood which came from his stomach; he is the first murder victim of what would be a series of killings. With his dying breath, he holds a conversation to Hiyori;
    Tetsuya: "Crazed kid did this to me, argh, draining blood from my opening."
    Hiyori: "Who did this?"
    Tetsuya: (groaning)
    Hiyori: "Hold on, I'll help you!"
    Tetsuya's last words: "Urgh... watch out for... Russian...twin..."
    Authorities arrived and he was pronounced dead on the scene.
    Hair: Blonde; Eyes: Brown
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    Default Re: New Noragami Series: Noragami Amagami

    Seeing as there's a manga for Noragami I doubt you're needed to continue the already occurring plot.

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