hi. the song i'm requesting a translation for is "release the seal," or "the seal is broken," the final boss song from the game blue dragon. it came out a long time ago, but i can't seem to find a translation for the lyrics. a lot of other people seem to be interested in the lyrics too! i recently found the japanese lyrics to the song (also in romaji.) i understand the general meanings of the song, but my understanding of grammar is too basic for me to make a good translation. so, i thought to look for somewhere people do translation requests. if anyone could help me, that would be awesome!!

these are the lyrics to the song that i found. i can't say 100% certainty that they are right, but they sound right, listening to the song.


sakebi to umeki wo hakidashi tsudou
kaosu to gisei wo subete tamuke

banri no sadame wo moyashitsukusu
kaosu no hate wo minna ni atae

destroy all of live
destroy all of dead
destroy all of time
destroy all of you

namida ukabe aruku kanashige na kage wo fumi
sora ni tooku hibiku youni mu ni kaesu
utsurona hitomi kakaeta samishige na kage wo tsuki
nido to kaeru koto ga nai basho e to houmurisaru


thank you!!