Here with k*chan English cover of Saigo No Tabi, produced by myself doing all the other non creative elements and JoyDreamer writing the English translyrics. This is done to celebrate 25 years of Super Robot Wars / Taisen as it was originally released in 1991.

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Saigo No Tabi is an underrated song taken from the 2011 anime Super Robot Wars: OG The Inspector that was used as the 2nd ending. It is one of my favourite songs that I thought would be great to do as an English cover in its TV size format.

Song also acknowledges the 2016 passing of Yuko Mizutani who voiced as the Super Robot Taisen Original Generations characters of Excellen Browning, Lemon Browning and Alifmi. Rest in peace!

This is my last produced project of 2016 but more will be planned for 2017.

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