This is Law & Order: Anime Victims Unit, the story of an anime girl named Yohjo, and her efforts to discover what happened to her missing twin sister.

The story of her investigation, begins with her on an island, where tips have suggested that her sister had be seen. Here she is, after having used a series of impressive jumps to get all the way to the highest accessible point on the island, an air conditioning unit on the outside of a very tall building.

Here she is from the same vantage point, looking out over the city.

This though didn't reveal any proof of her sister's whereabouts. Giving up looking from this location though she continued to explore this mysterious island. After finding a narrow area between buildings in which to do multiple consecutive wall jumps, she managed to find herself on top of one of them, giving herself yet another good view over the city.

Unfortunately, she still couldn't see her sister, so she continued to explore, vowing to cover every square inch of the place if she had to, until she found her missing sister. At last, she saw something in the distance that looked suspicious.

She quickly rushed down to see what was going on!

When she got there, she realized that she had found her long lost sister, but also a crime scene. She appeared to be dead, and her panties laying next to her suggested that she had been raped!

Seeing this, Yohjo was horrified, she turned to her left, toward the man who was standing nearby, realizing that he must have been the assailant. And he was just standing there, not showing any remorse for what had done. He was completely emotionless. He didn't even appear to know why he was standing there. Had he been drugged at the time of the attack?

It didn't matter to Yohjo. All that mattered was what he had done to her sister. Unfortunately, unlike back in her home city of Tokyo, there was no police force on this mysterious island. There was only one thing Yohjo could do to seek justice, get revenge! Immediately, she started headbutting him, and did so repeatedly, until she wore herself out.

She looked upon her sister's murder's/rapist's dead body, and smiled. Finally she had closure. Finally she had revenge.