Vegita, Krillin and Gohan prepare to do battle with Freeza.

Freeza: (Laughing) So you puny fools think you can do battle with me? I would like to see you try.

Vegita: (Chuckles) Be careful what you wish for. Iím a lot stronger now than what I used to be.

Gohan: Krillin, did you notice what I noticed?

Krillen: Yeah, Freezaís power is amazing! I never felt a power so strong.

Gohan: No, not that. Itís. . . . Well. I think heís naked.

Krillen: What? Hey, youíre right! Hee, hee. Heís naked as a bird! (Laughs)

Vegita: What the hell are you two morons going on about?

Gohan: We just noticed Freezaís naked.

Vegita: What? Hey, he is naked.

Krillen: You never noticed that before? Itís kind of hard to miss.

Freeza: Will you idiots shut the hell up! Itís time to do battle.

Krillen: Yeah, donít forget your jock strap for protection. (He and Gohan laughs.)

Vegita: I guess him sitting on that chair all the time, I would not have noticed.

Freeza: Who cares? Shut up and start fighting.

Gohan: Wait! Before we begin I have to know. Are you a boy or a girl?

Freeza: What?

Krillen: Yeah, no boobs, but heís got no putz either.

Gohan: Maybe it shrunk. After all, he is FREEZE-a. (Gohan and Krillen laugh)

Freeza: You want to act like a bunch of two-year olds? Fine. But I will only take it out harder on you.

(Gohan and Krillin laugh hard)

Freeza: I didnít mean it that way!

Vagita: (Silently thinking to himself) Iím a Sayan prince! A true warrior. The mightiest of them all! I canít give in. I have to stay serious. But the temptation is too great. I canít hold back! (Shouting out loud) I ALWAYS KNEW FREEZA HAD NO BALLS!


Freeza: Thatís the best you can do?

Vagita: I am a mighty Sayan warrior. Not a stand up comic.

Krillin: Obviously.

Gohan: Hey, Krillin! Feel that?

Krillin: Yeah! Thatís Gokuís power! Goku is back!

Gohan: Dad! Youíre here!

(Goku lands and stares intently at Freeza)

Goku: So youíre that animal Freeza.

Vagita: Back off, Kakoroc. Freeza is mine.

Goku: Go ahead. I want no part of this fight.

Freeza: (Chuckles) Really? Youíre afraid of my power?

Goku: No. Iím not afraid. Itís just that mixing it up with some naked guy is. . . . Well, you know.

Vagita: You mean gay.

Goku: Vagita! Thatís a terrible thing to say! You know thatís not PC!

Vagita: Yeah? Well you were thinking it, werenít you?

Goku: (Thinking to himself) Heís right. That is what I was thinking. Could I be a homophobe?

Announcer: Is Goku truly a homophobe? And how will our Z-fighters handle a naked Freeza? Find out next time on Dragonball Z.

Announcer: Next time on Dragonball Z, the Z fighters agree to battle Freeza if he puts on a pair of pants!

Freeza: Ugg! These stupid pants donít fit!

Krillin: Yeah, your tailís too big. Maybe you should go on a diet.

Freeza: Shut up about my weight!

Vagita: Really, Freeza. Thereís not a single pair of pants on your entire ship that fits you?

Freeza: I never needed them before. No one could notice anything as long as I was on my thrown.

Gohan: Dad?

Goku: No toilet jokes, Gohan.

Gohan: Itís not that. Itís just now I am officially weirded out.

Piccolo: Thank goodness no one has spotted me yet. I can stay out of this stupid conversation.