She could feel it. She could feel the piercing blade as if it were shot through her skin. She could feel the sensation of a lifeless body against her own skin, embracing her tightly as she briefly heard the last whispers of her knight.

The princess was never a fighter to begin with, just a tragic little girl stuck in unexpected chaos, who was eventually forced to participate in a war between kingdoms. To struggle in martial capability means certain death, and no royalty could escape this fate. This young woman failing to achieve such a task at first, was forced into the edge of a cliff. She was certain that she would die in her first battle.

But fate of tides has turned when her personal knight decided to assist her in her training. She've known him ever since they were children. They've used to play with wooden swords but now that wood has turned into metal. And although training wasn't certainly a game, her knight has helped her eased her mind throughout the whole situation. The princess felt at ease, and she finally found someone who she can depend upon.

As the clock strikes 12 after a few months of the same routine, the war had started. Lives became lifeless, Respiratory organs dysfunctioning every second. Heartbeats, failing to make a single one. The princess was aware of her surroundings and continued slashing her sword carefully. Her knight, though making even better progress, always made sure that he was by her side. Once she got the hang of things, she lowered her guard and didn't expect something that was aiming upon her back. She didn't feel a thing as it pierced. But once she turned her back to see what happened.

He was there to shield her.

"I love you very much" were the last things she heard upon his dying breath. And she could feel her spine shivered as if the arrow went through her own flesh instead. There was no one to protect her anymore, and the princess was certain that she would definitely die in her first battle.