Welcome to AnimeForums show your Anime/Manga collection contest!

Here at AnimeForum we promote supporting the creators by actually buying copies of their work and using legal streaming sites to watch/read series such as crunchyroll, hulu, netflix, and funimation directly! Therefor we wish to reward our users for their support to the industry by purchasing non bootlegged/pirated copies of their favorite series!


*First place goes to @Tasuke -PM me to receive your JapanCrate with a valid U.S. address
*Second place goes to @Jasanime PM @Kaitou Ace to set up your custom engraving/keychain of your choice!
*Third place goes to @mimiruchan PM me if you'd like a crunchyroll guest pass or something from the AF store

Special thanks to all who entered!


First place: An Original JapanCrate box. Will need a valid US mailing address to receive prize; Failure to provide a mailing address will result in the prize going to the second place winner and so forth. $25 value!

Second Place: Custom keychain engraving of your choice provided by @Kaitou Ace . Though there may be some images that may not work with the engraver but we'll try to do something from a show/game you like! Or even a custom phrase.

Third Place: A 48 hour Crunchyroll membership guest pass OR something from the AF shop.