Death is just the end to a physical being, and nothing more. Once someone is dead youíll never be able to touch them, smell them, see them, or hear them. Itís not the end though- what you donít know is that theyíre energy is still there. It will stay with you forever, because when someone dies, a piece of their soul goes to anyone and everyone who loved them. So you never lose them, they just become apart of you, apart of your spirit and soul. Itís hard sometimes, I know from experience, I know how it feels. To me itís the worse thing in the world, but maybe thatís because Iím still very young- only 17. Maybe the idea of having a future where my nana canít be at my wedding, or see my children- when I have any. Or my Poppop wonít be there to see me catch a fish by myself, be there with me when I start my own family. Itís just bitter thoughts, but what makes it all okay, at least as okay as it can be is the fact theyíre with me all the time, maybe watching over me, maybe just as clueless about my future as me. However death isnít something that is ever going to stop, and we all need to accept it. Thatís what you do whenever anyone dies, family or not- you accept it. That doesnít mean youíre okay with it, I accept that my grandparents are dead but Iím still not okay with it, Iím still sad, but itís a saddness that will always follow me around. Accepting someoneís death just means you know nothing you can do will bring them back, and nothing is going to make it easy, theyíre never going to talk to you again, hug or kiss you, you canít tell them about your bad days or good days, itís an overwhelming, choking feeling. When someone dies, itís the one time there is no way at all you can do anything about it. You canít pray them back to life, or call a doctor. Death is inevitable, and you have to accept that.

Accepting death is hard, but dealing with it is harder. I havenít lost too many- my grandparents on my dadís side, my uncle, and my great grandmother, but Iím dealing with it. Itís sad, and some days are easier than others, there are times I will randomly break down but what Iíve learned so far: Think of all the good memories, and the good times you had with them. Memories are like having the people you lost with you. Me and my nana used to watch All dogs go to Heaven all the time, and we both loved Robert Williams. He was our favourite actor. Instead of wishing I could see her, or thinking about all that I lost, I think about what she helped me gain. I think about things like that, and itís like sheís right next to me, watching those movies with me all over again. Itís never going to be easier, and it isnít going to get easier over time I can tell you that now, but learning to deal with it will help. The worst thing you can do is ignore the fact that someone you held dear passed away. It isnít fair to them, ignoring the fact that theyíre gone.

It actually seems kind of selfish to ignore someoneís passing. I could understand, the pain is too much, knowing theyíre gone is just too hard to accept when itís someone you love, simply because you know thereís nothing you- or anyone can do to solve it. However, even though itís painful, you have to accept it and deal with it. Ignoring someoneís death isnít going to help yourself either, itís unhealthy. When someone dies, pay attention, think of all the good things about them, then put them into your life, help make them apart of you. Donít let something like death make you forget about those who passed either. Keep their memory on forever, share their stories with your kids, and their kids. Keep them ďaliveĒ through you.

Keep living for them.