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Thread: Pokémon: Dawn of Darkness - Free to play MMO

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    Default Pokémon: Dawn of Darkness - Free to play MMO

    PDoD, Pokémon: Dawn of Darkness is quickly becoming the worlds best (free to play) Pokémon MMORPG available. We have frequent updates and a community growing quicker by the day, this is due partially to the fact we have designed a custom game region and also game engine, not based upon any content you've experienced before brought to you in our own style. This also keeps us flexible in the way we can bring forward new improvements as the engine is developed by us we're able to implement almost anything within the boundaries of our imagination if the idea fits. There isn't going to be many online Pokémon experiences which can provide this for storylines while also providing an engaging competitive scene.

    While our main recruitment focus is currently for Artists and Scripters - if you have a talent you think could be of use and are passionate about being creative, we would love to hear from you. You will be joining an established team of around 10 dedicated members already. Even if you would just like to help by downloading and testing the game, reporting the errors you find along the way you are welcome to join our community and promise you will enjoy your stay. Please Note: We are not looking for additional programmers.

    Currently the Game Engine supports the following:

    - A Stable & Secure Game Server, with 99.9% uptime based on the last 12 months worth of statistics
    - Selectable Player Avatars, 12 during registration and 100 available through playing the game. Hundreds of NPC sprites available too.
    - Almost 250 in game items, including TMs, various Pokeballs, Potions, Status Cures and others.
    - Over 400 in game maps, even every single house in PDoD is unique
    - Pokémon up to Gen 4 included, current spawns allow for Pokedex competion of roughly (480/493)
    - Nicknamers, Move Tutors, Shops, secure trading, PvP Matchmaking, High Scores and even an elite level difficulty nuzlocke game mode.
    - Community built project, feel inspired to create your own levels? storylines/quests? Get involved.
    - To add a little icing to the cake, the project is updated all the time and will always remain free to play!

    Thank you for taking the time to read our topic, please visit to enjoy the game, you may also want to contact our Game Staff regarding any positions you are interested in. I have decided to go in to further details about the positions available below for anyone which is interested. Before reading further I would like to stress that this is a hobby project, therefore all of the members of the team are here on a voluntary basis. Our goal is to be creative and be able to enjoy these creations with our community.

    For a Graphics Team position, please create a Showcase topic showing your skills in the Graphics Section of the Forum, this will allow us to review your skills and allow our team and community provide advise to help you improve and/or adapt to suit the style of artwork the game requires. Alternatively if you are confident you may contact the head developer (admin) via the forums.

    Pixel Artists (2)
    We would like to expand our selection of player avatars, npc sprites, tileset artwork and Pokémon form variations.

    Digital Artists (2)
    This would be for artists capable of rendering things like background images, interface work, website artwork and other styles of art too.

    World Scripters (3)
    PDoD has it's own scripting language which has been designed from the ground up to be as simple to learn as possible staying as close to written English as possible, although this still leaves us open to more complex processing when it's required. This means anyone with any kind of basic scripting, programming or even web development experience would be able to pick the language up with ease. These users are what bring our NPC's to life, making them able to behave differently based on in game events & achievements or starting a fierce duel. The NPC Scripting Team also have the task of turning the Quest Writers work in to real in-game Quests so you don't have to be creative in a storyline sense to be able to get involved either.

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    Default Re: Pokémon: Dawn of Darkness - Free to play MMO

    If this is still a thing then I'm definitely going to check it out. Wish i would have saw this when it was posted lol.

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