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Thread: [REQ] Yuki no shingun (Girls und Panzer)

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    Default [REQ] Yuki no shingun (Girls und Panzer)

    I would like to request the lyrics for Yuki no shingun as seen partly in the anime 'Girls und Panzer'. It is an authentic Japanese march and I would be very glad if it could be translated. I have tried to make a Romaji version but this is mostly from myself and is probably horrible, but perhaps it is a good start.

    Yuki no singun kori wo funde
    Dore ga kawa yara michi sae shirezu
    Uma wa taoreru sutete mo okezu
    Koko wa izukuzo mina teki mo kuni
    Mama yo daitan ippuku yareba
    Tanomisukuna ya tabako ga nihon

    Yaka nu himo no ni han ni e meshini
    Namaji inochi no aru sono uchi wa
    Korae kire nai samusa no takibi
    Kemure hazu da yo namaki ga iburu
    Shibui kao shite koumyou banashi
    Sui toyuu no wa umeboshi hitotsu

    Kinomikinomama kiraku na fushido
    Hainou-makura ni gaitou kaburya
    Se na no nuku mi de yuki doke kakaru
    Yagu no ki bigara seiippori nurete
    Musubi kane taru roei no yume o
    Tsuki wa tsumetaku kao no zokikomu

    Inochi sasagete dete ki ta mi yue
    Shinu ru kakugo de tokkan suredo
    Uun tsutana ku uchijini se niba
    Giri ni karame ta juppei mawata
    Soro ri sororito ku bi shime kakaru
    Douse ikitewa kaera nu tsumori

    Thank you very much in advance
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    Default Re: [REQ] Yuki no shingun (Girls und Panzer)

    I'm only just learning Japanese so my translations may be off, including some missing words, but this is the best I got:
    (Words not translate are inside [brackets]

    March of snow; stepping on ice.
    [しれず Shirezu], which evens the River [やら Yara] Road
    The horse discarded as we shoot
    Here are each of our enemies' countries
    If Yare Mamayo (name) boldly doses
    Two of [頼み少な Tanomisukuna] and tobacco.

    Semi-cooked rice with unexpectedly burnt fish
    Amongst them think that rashly of a life
    The SAM (Surface to Air Missile) should not be holding back to fire
    The smoking living tree is smouldering
    Medicine and faces to successful stories
    Pickled plums are the ones called sour.

    Carefree [臥所 Fushido] were the only clothes on their backs
    With [被りゃ Kumure] cloaks and [背嚢 Haino] pillows
    It needs to thaw in the warmth.
    The wet beddings of Kibikara Shippori
    The dream of conclusion could be upcoming.
    The moon looked into our cold faces.

    It came out only because our lives were devoted to it
    Tokkan Shinuru's preparedness and etc
    I must let the fortune of war, Tsutanaku, die in battle.
    [恤兵 Juppei], in-law glazed in silk
    Took [そろりそろり Sororisorori] and neck tightening.

    Sorry that not all of it makes sense, but then again, it probably sounds a lot prettier in Japanese. xP

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