Hey all, I like to RP and I noticed there aren't very many games to play so I hope some of you find this interesting!

This RP takes place in the timeline of Ocarina of Time during the 7 years that Link is asleep. We, as the denizens of Hyrule, will either work to make the dungeons/tasks easier for Link beyond our knowledge or purposefully make Link's trials much harder as servants of Ganon.

Each race has its own pros and cons:

Kokiri - the childlike and slow to age denizens of the forest. They have an affinity for healing, wind, or nature based spells. They're very weak in regards to physical abilities and are vulnerable to fire/fire magic.

Goron - the rock-people of Death Mountain. They have the highest tanking ability of all races: they have natural resistances to extreme heat/cold and their tough skin is a natural armor against most physical damage weapons. While they are unrivaled in hand-to-hand combat they are weak to magical abilities and water.

Zora - the merfolk of the waters of Hyrule. Zora are lithe and adept at water-based combat. While all of this race can use magic there are few that do - all can only generate a weak electric barrier but the strongest can cast healing magic that can even resurrect the dead. While they are proficient in electric magic they are also weak to it.

Hyrulian - the peoples of Hyrule Castle Town and Kakiriko Village. They are the most versatile of all races and while they can cast almost any magic they typically have an affinity for light and defense. As a people they're very diverse and can fit almost any role but they are the jack-of-all trades and will never be the best in any role.

Gerudo - the mostly female race of the world of Hyrule. They're disliked by all races other than their own but are very agile and skilled in the arts of trickery and sleight-of-hand. They do have innate magical ability rivaling the Zora (though with Wind and Earth based magic) but they prefer underhanded methods of dealing with enemies.

Tyke was a Kokiri like any other... but was unrivaled in her healing magic and potion creating abilites. She lived a way from the other Kokiri in a small hut near the Deku Tree, but because she kept to herself and her studies she was oblivious to the changes happening in the forest... Even an occurrence that affected most Kokiri was late to reach her - the Deku Tree had passed in her own back yard and she was so engrossed in her studies she didn't even notice... until one day she ventured out to collect herbs in her usually safe yard that was now infested with monsters!