Here’s another preview of a light-novel I started on a whim and stopped working on recently. This time it’s a battle oriented story involving elemental powers. Feedback appreciated! Sorry for any errors this is a rough draft still so I didn’t read through, grammar or spell check it QQ.

Chapter 1

Blood sank beautifully upon the ground, belying the gruesome scene that was taking place.

Although it was a typical summer day, snow had been falling in this area for countless minutes.


An unidentified man holds onto his stomach with one hand while holding a gun in the other.

“I will surely be the one to kill you Jack Frost, no, Rank S Ice Lord Saito Takumi!!”

Firing a few shots, the enraged man continued yelling indecipherable words.

“Tch what a pain.”

This time a boy with blue eyes and an expression colder than a winter’s night spoke.

He wore a black button up coat with matching fingerless gloves.


The man with the gun shakily aimed towards the boy and squeezed the trigger multiple times.

Four bullets flew at tremendous speed, finding their place in the boy’s chest.

“HAHAHA how’s that you fool!”

Relishing in his supposed victory, the man watched as the boy’s body fell lifelessly to the ground.

“Seriously? Falling for something so obvious as an ice clone.”

“Why do they even bother sending such amateur assassins after me?”

Completely startled, the assassin shifts his view and swings the gun towards that voice void of emotion.

“It’s too late, since I’ve already touched you. With this the fight is over.”

Not caring at what was said, the Assassin steadies his aim and tries once again to fire at the boy.


But his finger didn’t move.

“Like I said this fight is over.”

“I’ve frozen the blood in your hand, it will soon spread to the rest of your body as well, so I suggest making peace with whatever God you believe in.”

The boy said while shrugging and then slowly walked away.

“Why you!”

Still focused on completing his mission the assassin tries once again to shoot but it was no use.

The percentage of blood that had frozen was too high, his skin had already started to break apart.


Helplessness and fear spreading over the man, all he could do was scream out before the cold reached his heart.

As the boy walked away, where it had once been a gentle flurry of snow it had changed into a downpour of rain.