Bloc is a pretty cool simple browser game set in the cold war. You create a leader and a nation, pick a political and economical system as well as a subregion and region in the world.

The objective is to lead your third world country to victory and make it grow as much as possible. The game does not need much time, logging in twice a day for 3 minutes or so is more than enough.

The best part however is the meta. The way alliances (groups of nations) roleplay and interact with each other is very interesting. The slightest mistake by an alliance leader can lead to a coalition being formed against them, and there are pretty intricate Mutual Defense Pact webs.

I'm also here however to try to promote my alliance. I started it yesterday, and called it Freedom Press. See flag below.

It was a pain in the rear to make.

Supposedly we roleplay as a bunch of anti-communist, remorseless mercenaries, using a Press Agency as a front for our shady deals. We barely have any members at the moment but already have some spies infiltrated within some of the major alliances.

If you wanna join up then register at:

If you wanna join the alliance too (which I hope you do) then drop your nation name here and I'll send you an invite. Not having an alliance in this game ensures your nation doesnt last too long.