* *My philosophical theory as to the existance of a 2nd Logic. There are ultimately 2 primary states of mind(AKA perspectives): 1st person (Down to earth), and 3rd person (in the cloud). 1st person being Logic, and emotion. Or, 2+2=4 (Logic) and*if you don't believe that, you are an idiot*
(Emotion). 3rd person being, exploring the depths of your own comprehention of existance, and the universe as we know it. People often transist between the two and the world has decided on 1st person priorety, as it truly effects our day to day needs for survival. But there is truly somthing great for those who wish to achieve wisdom through deep thought. This would be an understanding of life, and your own existance. You begin to develop a peace of mind. And can see everything for what it truly is.*

* *How can we, as humans, limited by our physical forms, even begin to hope to learn why we are here, what we are supposed to do, and how it all works? Yet we have those people on this planet, that think they can create the laws of this world and hold it true to their hearts despite countless variables they may never fully comprehend. This is what we consider logic. And that is the sad truth of it all, we are never going to fully comprehend ANYTHING, in our lives. Only collect more insight, more ideas, more understanding.

* *The second logic, which is somthing you must open your mind to believe, is all about letting go. Let go of everything you think you know, let go of your ignorance, just for a moment because that is all the time you will need to understand what i'm about to say... This existance is not bound by laws, us humans so blind and fragile, will never come close to firguring it all out. Realise that everything you think you know can completey change, and it has, and it will. We strive for control in our lives, we want control of our universe, and all it has caused us grief. Admit to yourself, that you don't have control of your life, think to yourself and believe it right now. You don't have have control of anything, as much as you wish you do.

* *It is true, i am bound by my own humanity. I can never fully embrace my own wisdom because of my limitations as a human. However, by being aware of this, i am far more evolved than most of you will ever hope to be.