You know the stuff, switchblades, balisongs (butterfly knives), and gravity knives. Ok I've seen plenty of these in movies but never in real life. It would be so cool to have one for real, but they are illegal in real life in most states in the US. Fortunately they are not illegal where I live (WA state) for mere possession (but carrying them in public is a different matter). So I thought I might order some, but trying to find a place that actually sells them is a bit tough because of the legal issues for manufacturers and distributors. Then I found this one place that sells them online. Unfortunately, while they sell most knives anywhere, the cool knives like the ones I'm looking for they only sell to Oregon residents (where it apparently is legal), and also to the US military. It seems they overlooked that it's perfectly legal to own/posses such knives in Washington State. So, using their online contact form, I sent them this message notifying them of the legal status of such knives in Washington state:

Last time I checked, it is legal to posses automatic knives, balisongs, and gravity knives in Washington State (not just Oregon). The only restriction is that one can not carry them in public (though I believe with the proper permit, even that might be legal). Mere ownership/possession of such a knife is not against the law in WA, unless the law has changed since I last checked. As such, I think you should add Washington to the list of states from which you allow a customer to purchase your "restricted" knives. You've got some pretty cool knives I'd like to buy just cause they're cool and I've like seen them in movies and stuff (knives which are banned in many states, but they are legal here where I live). So I believe I should be able to buy one of these special knives from you guys, without having to be a member of the armed forces. Currently though, it appears you are only selling to the military, and to people who live in Oregon, which really sucks for me.