Hey guys! So I decided to try and write my own little story. I've just completed Chapter 1 a couple days ago so I hope you guys can give it a good read and tell me what you think. I've never written anything before so this is all completely new and let's just say I wasn't the greatest at constructing paragraphs with dialogue and whatnot. It's a little too big to fit here, so I'll post the first bit then link to the rest on my writing blog.

Again, thanks to you guys who read this! I've yet to decide which direction I'm going to with this story. I'm currently writing chapter 2 :P

A Flower Soaked in Rain

January 10th, 2015 – the day that I’ll never forget. Who would have thought that a day where I had no expectations for anything – not even from my closest friends – would amount to what it did? If I were to describe that day, and the events before and after…actually, to this day I’m still unable to convey it properly. Bleak? No. Fun? Hardly. Memorable? Yes, at the very least. But let’s go back to that time – the unforgettable day that is forever seemingly etched into my soul.