It has been a long while, close to a year. Going to try to get back into writing, back into viewing peoples poems. The reason as to why matters not but going to post a unedited poem and I would love to hear from anyone and everyone who has something to say about it, even if it is a just good. Point out where it needs work and ect.

A Dream
There once was a dream
Now I'm so closed off
Every word arises like a scream
Cutting me off with a cough

Gasping! Breathing! Feeling!
The air finding its way in
Not ever to be sealing
That dream swaying like a sin..

Mountains holding me up
And the ice holding me down
Please warm me with a cup
Delicious with a taste to be crown

There had been a dream!
Open the door for me
Water is filling like a steam
Please let me see! Let me see...

Every route blocked by the storm
Striking like a cobra's bite
Keeping them from being in form
The dream is going out of sight.

The world swallowing whole
Every time it comes to arise
Pain erupting from my soul
Don't let the end be a surprise.

Bring back that dream
And flow out my word
Tomorrow strings a smile's beam
Escalate it to be heard..