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Thread: Rebirth Angels Sign-Up

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    Exclamation Rebirth Angels Sign-Up

    I've been itching to write about magical girls reborn from death, and I've had this idea flittering about in my mind for a couple of weeks. However, I'm sorely unmotivated to do much of anything, so I decided that making a rp loosely based around this idea would help bring my writing muse back to full power!! (This rp allows characters of any gender, so no worries about just magical girls!)

    Please do not claim this idea as your own. I'm not to worried about theft, but just in case.

    TW: Death, Murder

    Your character has died. In death, they see a mysterious entity; a black shadow with one goat's eye and a cruel, grinning mouth. They are granted their life back, but this new life of theirs is to serve the Entity. The world is on verge of collapse. Souls are becoming corrupted, and it's up to the Angels to purify and steal these souls for the Entity, in order to keep balance of this world.

    A magical weapon is granted upon them, and a strange mark appears somewhere on their body. By touching this mark, they are able to summon their weapon and eliminate the corrupted souls. Corrupted souls are aggressive to the Angels, and will transform into monstrous beasts howling with bloodlust. Your character can die again, and this time, it will be final.

    However, purifying and stealing souls means killing those that have corrupted souls. Can your character handle such weight? Living a life detached from everything from their previous life, it's almost as if they have been born again with memories of a past-life. In fact, that's exactly what it's like. Everyone they care for does not remember them. They are alone. They are murderers. Can they handle this weight?

    • Keep your character realistic. Only human characters, please.
    • Write as best as you can! No chatspeak of any sorts in rp posts.
    • Only join if you can keep dedicated! That means being active at least every other day, and checking in if you can't!
    • No one-liners. Try to write at least two paragraphs.

    I will update these rules if I feel the need to do so! I will also add them to the main thread, whenever I make one.

    Alright, let's get on to the good part: the character sheet!



    Age: I keep trying to come up with an age range, but I can't think of one. Not
    "too young" or "too old", please.

    How They Died: LISTEN UP. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Include triggers at the beginning of your character sheet. Many of us have experienced traumatic events during our lives. Don't know what a trigger is? PLEASE READ THIS. If you fail to add a trigger to your character sheet I WILL IGNORE YOU. Just put TW: (How your character died), and that should be fine.

    Weapon & Weapon Power & Mark:



    Other: Anything else you would like to add.}

    I think that's it! I will include my character sheet in the next post. Thank you and congrats for reading all of this, if you did! I'm a little nervous, to be honest.
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