Theme: Art Style

Cubisim, Nouveau, Water Colors, pick one and run with it!

Entry Rules:

1) Your signature must be at least 200 by 80 pixels, and no larger than 500 by 250 pixels, the files must be saved as a PNG file. Verticals are allowed as well.
2) Entries are due on the date of Tuesday, December 24th, 2013.
3) All entries must have the text ĎAnimeGalleries.netí on them for.
4) By entering in this contest, you are allowing the right to use your signature for promotional reasons or otherwise.
5) Entries must be submitted via post in this thread. I will accept entries via PM is you wish to keep your opponent guessing.

Other Rules:

1) Omega is not responsible for your entry following the contestís theme or following any other above rules. If you have ANY questions pertaining to this contest, please PM Omega and your question will be swiftly answered.

2) Themes are up to your own interpretation, and should be handled as such. Questions, comments, concerns, etc, regarding the theme or Signature of the Week in general will be answered here.

3) You are allowed only one (1) entry for this contest. The entry must be specifically made for this contest only, and may not be posted anywhere else on the internet until the voting ends. You are allowed to make necessary edits to your entry, just edit your post.

4) Rules are subject to change

Contestant break down [this has been done with a random name generator]

@Feferi VS @Ellipsis
@Rainbow Crash VS @GameGeeks
Omega VS @cloud strife101

Winlners from the pairings will move onto the next round.