Hey there sweetcheeks. I'm currently on the prowl for a good magical girl manga read. After finishing the current chapters of Mahou Shoujo Site, I figured I'd try to find something similar. (Note: Mahou Shoujo Site is not really my cup of tea, I thought it was kinda stupid tbh; though the general idea of it was pretty darn neat, hee hee).

Of course it's, like, nearly impossible to navigate my way through all the pink, frilly, happy-go-lucky magical girl mangas and animes that are already out there. In fact, I only found Mahou Shoujo Site through a post on tumblr!!

So, what I mean is, do you lovelies have any suggestions for psychological/horror magical girl mangas? Or, if there aren't that many, any suggestions for psychological/horror mangas that have a main cast of ladies (NOT ecchi, please and thank you!)?

(Also I've already got PMMM on my list, so please don't suggest that one! Thank you!!)