Hello, nothing fancy or anything, but I'm new believe it or not, lol. No, I'm not begging for friends, 'cause I like to do my own thing, but I dont mind getting to know some of you. I like interacting anf sharing things I have in common with others.

First off, How do you do? Are you well? How's your day? Blah blah blah.

Please repond to the following questions:

Anime (who doesn't)

J-rock J-pop

Do you know or are learning Japanese?

What's special about you?

Do you have a Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram? (We could connect even deeper if you'd like.)

Are you an Otaku?

Are you cultured with the Japanese, Koream, Chinese (mainly Japanese.)

Do you cosplay?

What kinda life do you have? (Hopfully, not a crummy one, decent?)

What influenced you to like Anime?

FEEL FREE TO ANSWER, I'LL BE HERE ALL DAY! I'd like to connect at least with sone of you, there's some cool people out there! Hopefully, you're one of 'em!