I watched the first DVD of the anime Phoenix today, and I was really impressed! The series is divided into multiple different stories, and the beginning of the second one struck me-- I've seen this before! o.o It's very similar to the visual novel Saya no Uta!

It was so similar that I had to Google and see what the deal is. o.O But nothing came up in English. I saw this on the Japanese Wikipedia page for Saya no Uta, though:

作品中で登場人物に「昔読んだ、漫画で」とぼかして語らせたように手塚治虫の漫画『火の鳥・復活編』のオ マージュのような内容になっている。

Can anyone translate this exactly? I think it says that Saya no Uta was written as a homage to Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix manga, but I can't tell exactly...

Saya no Uta used to be my favourite VN (before Steins;Gate anyway), and I thought it had a very unique idea that fascinated me~. I'm pretty shocked now knowing how Tezuka had it first! (The Phoenix manga was written in 1967-1988)

In case you're wondering what the similarity is, here are some spoilers! ^^

Saya no Uta is about a guy who got in a near-fatal accident. When he woke up, he saw the world as gore, except for a monster who he saw as a girl named Saya. In Phoenix, there is a guy who got in a near-fatal accident and lost half his brain. Scientists recreated half his brain artificially, but when he woke up he saw humans as monsters, and a junk robot is the only thing that appears human to him; it appears as a girl as well.