Recently I've been playing The Witcher Enhanced and I've been loving it. Although I must be an unlucky user because my experience in Chapter Two has been extremely frustrating due to the presence of game breaking bugs which have caused me to lose hours of playing time, going back to old saves to try and find out what I did wrong only to find new game-breaking bugs the second time round.

During 'A Mysterious Tower', the two times I've attempted to play through the quest have been to no avail due to the fact that I simply cannot complete it. Some of the sephirots just vanish completely from my inventory and others are not given to me by those who are supposed to. I seriously love the game and I need to get past this frustrating level, so I was wondering if anybody could give me a hand in getting the fan-made 'Save Game Editor' functioning.

I'm not sure if anybody has had experience getting it working but I'm no Java whiz and seriously need to get this application up and running in order to manually place the missing sephirots in my inventory in order to complete the quest. The read-me is extremely vague and offers no help to me and while there are a heap of forum posts they all seem to be tailored to other people's needs. The main issue is that whenever I try and get the editor to work this message comes up:

Exception during program initialization Unable to locate The Witcher installation directory


I have no idea what that means but I assume the application can't find where the game's installation folder is, but I have no idea how to fix it!

I really don't want to download somebody elses save game because it's not 'my game' so unless I want to try and replay the entire tedious section again with the risk of encountering the same problem, I HAVE to get this editor working. I don't think the problem would be with the game itself because it's the latest edition and patch but it seems that some other people have been having this issue during their playthroughs. It must be due to obtaining the sephirots in a funny order, but I don't care. I'd rather just get the editor working.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message and hopefully somebody will get back to me soon with clear instructions on how to get it working (: